Title: West Coast
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Played: 10212 times


Lana Del Rey | West Coast
Premiere on BBC Radio 1

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Connor Kenway + Typography.

Connor Kenway + Typography.

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Video Game Challenge | Five Male Characters [2/7] - Ratonhnhaké:ton 

Even those men you sought to save have turned their backs on you. Yet you fight, you resist. Why?”

Because no one else will.
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and I call it magic.

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Xena Meme:
↳Ten Quotes [8/10]

"Sacrifice pt.2" 

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Happy Birthday Connorkawaii! ♡

Happy Birthday Connorkawaii! ♡

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Bring me to life, bring me the starlight.
Bring me the sun and moon
Release the stars tonight.

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Welcome to THE NEW AGE.

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